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Search engine optimization is the art of earning high search placement in the organic (SERPs) listings of the search engines.

Catanich's proven, search engine optimization services will increase your SE rankings

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Promoting a web site through Search Engine Optimization (“SEO“) is one of the primary forms of search engine marketing. Organic Rankings is another phrase used to describe free rankings or a search engine results page, or (“SERP) All major search engines rank sites based on complex mathematical algorithms that weigh the various characteristics, including the quality, quantity, and structure of the sites inbound links (IBL) and outbound links (OBL). How well a site conforms to this algorithm will determine the site’s position in the organic rankings.

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Our goal is to supply you with the best “Internet Marketing Services” possible, that maximize your return-on-investment.


Catanich is a leading Internet Business Consultant and Internet Marketing firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.


We focuses much more on "click thru" and "conversion" rates than on "site ranking" or "web site traffic".


Our Online Advertising Programs cover the entire field of Internet Marketing Services including search engine optimization

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earch engine marketing, link building and SEO consulting / training. But it is our ability to prioritize these intelligently that sets us apart. How do we do it? Read our Internet Marketing Program Overview.