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In early 1997, Catanich Internet Marketing was founded by Jim Catanich in response to the growing need for professional web design services in the Dallas, Texas area. In 2001

we entered the Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Guidance program to become one of the first firms to be considered a Internet Business Consultant. Working to establish a legitimate online search marketing program for a global manufacturing company in Dallas, Texas, he was frustrated by the lack of expertise that the company’s ad agency and existing web design firm had in this area. Catanich considered utilizing a local Dallas internet marketing company, but at the time the SEO community consisted primarily of technically oriented providers that used cloaked pages, redirected landing pages and other tricks to get sites to rank high.

Catanich’s mission from NEC was simple: “White Hat, only White Hat, nothing but White Hat, don’t even think about it.” One year latter, they were in the top 10 for all of their keyword phrases.

His SEO experience ranges from medium sized manufacturing to financial services to the "mom and pop" clients working from the "home office".
Jim Catanich
Executive Chairman

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About Jim Catanich

Jim brings over 20 years of business-to-business, consumer marketing and project management experience to the Catanich team. During his career, he specialized in large client server systems, n-tier Client/Server & Intranet applications and implementing strategic marketing initiatives in start-up and turnaround businesses. His success stories include the development of successful distribution businesses in Mexico and Japan, start-up work for a group of growing consumer products companies, and rebuilding a troubled printer remanufacturing line.


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